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Philomath, Oregon
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Caring for your instruments Since 1996

Katie Cooper, Owner of Windsmith Music, Philomath, Oregon

About Katie

Flute/Double Reed Specialist
Windsmith Music 

For 27 years, from Minnesota to California, Colorado to Oregon, Katie has enjoyed repairing musical instruments. An avid musician herself, she pays great attention to detail in all of her fixes and loves to see the joy on the faces of her customers when their instrument plays as though it were brand new again.

During this time, Katie has done exceptional work on a variety of instruments from the San Diego, San Jose, Steamboat Springs, Oregon, and Newport Symphonies. She is Straubinger Certified since 2004 and cares for every instrument as though it were her own.

Katie's expertise and professionalism can't be matched. Whether it's routine maintenance or urgent adjustment/repair, I know my Burkart & Muramatsu flutes & picc are in the best of hands. Thank you Windsmith Music!
Marvel Vigil
You should definitely contact Katie if you need help with your flute care! Katie provides superb knowledge and service delivered with a warmth of personality. I highly recommend Katie Cooper as your first stop flute technician.
Erin Adair
Katie Cooper is an amazing instrument repair specialist. I recently had her clean, oil and adjust my flute. She always asks if I have specific concerns about my flute and goes through the entire range of the flute, balances the action of all the keys, and does a thorough cleaning job on the flute. It is a joy to have my flute come back to me looking and playing like new. Katie is a repair technician who takes the time to go through each instrument that crosses her repair bench as if it were her own. She is a perfectionist in her work and her clients reap the benefits with open, clear sounds and key action that is meticulously balanced in every register. I would not take my flute to anyone else.
Sue Gillespie